SAP sponsored event: Political Epistemology Workshop

A workshop for 14 authors contributing to a volume titled Political Epistemology his event will take place at Georgetown University on October 25–26, 2018. The event will center around three themes, listed below. The Role of Truth and Knowledge in Politics On Democracy as Symmetrical Subjection David Estlund The Grounds of Political Legitimacy Fabienne Peter Should […]

Future Generations Workshop

Do future generations survive deontological distinctions? Decision makers around the world are facing problems regarding global economy and consumption, climate change and environmental protection, and conflicting ideologies and war. The challenge is to come up with responses that are both morally justifiable and practically acceptable. This is complicated by the fact that these decisions will […]

Apology and Compensation

This two‐day workshop brings together scholars working on compensation and apologies to advance our understanding of what morality requires after war ends. Conflict pervades human life. In personal relationships and criminal activity, in armed conflict and war, in oppressive and unjust states, people wrong their fellow human beings. After conflict amends must be made. Amends […]

Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference 2019

The Society’s 2019 conference will take place in Cardiff, 28–30 June. The call for papers and panels is now closed (Monday 14 January 2019). (Invited participants can confirm or decline invitation here.) Papers will be given on a wide range of topics across the field of applied philosophy. The keynote speakers will be Rainer Forst (GU Frankfurt), […]

Consent in Morality and Law Conference

Consent in Morality and Law Conference Speakers Keynote: Kimberly Ferzan, University of Virgnia Keynote: Victor Tadros, University of Warwick Kate Greasley, University College London Hugh Lazenby, University of Glasgow Hallie Liberto, University of Maryland Massimo Renzo, Kings College London Respondents David Archard, Queen’s University Belfast Karam Chadha, University of Cambridge Mark D’Souza, University College London […]

Workshop: Monetary Policy and Distributive Justice

Event supported by Society for Applied Philosophy 1. Details of the workshop Workshop title: “Monetary Policy and Distributive Justice” July 6th, 2018 Venue: Pompeu Fabra University, Law Department Convenors: Paula Casal, Pedro Silva, and Josep Ferret Address: Law Department. Carrer Ramon Trias Fargas 25–27. 08005. Barcelona Phone: (+34)696931332 Email address: josep.​ferret@​upf.​edu 2. Workshop funding The […]

Symposium on Peter Dietsch’s book ‘Catching Capital: The Ethics of Tax Competition’

Event sponsored by Society for Applied Philosophy Symposium on Peter Dietsch’s book “Catching Capital: The Ethics of Tax Competition,” (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015). The book explores normative issues related to tax competition amongst states and proposes solutions to the problems that arise from it. The book is animated by a concern with the mismatch between […]

Political Epistemology

This conference will bring together scholars working at the intersection of political philosophy and epistemology. The term “political epistemology” is fairly new, but we think it captures an important intersection between political philosophy and epistemology that has become especially important in the current political climate, where broad challenges to the notion of truth threaten the […]

Workshop: Distributive Justice and Procreative Technologies

This workshop seeks alternative approaches to addressing whether state funding of fertility treatment can be justified, outside of the framework of healthcare provision. Workshop: Distributive Justice and Procreative Technologies 3rd‐4th July 2018, University of Manchester. Funded by the Society for Applied Philosophy, organised with Liam Shields. Places are free but limited. To register to attend, […]