SAP sponsored event: IRNEP Conference 2019

The 3rd IRNEP conference will take place at the University of York on the 23rd-24th of September 2019. The aim of the conference is to promote a dialogue between the disciplines of Economics and Philosophy, in order to provoke alternative points of view and interesting discussions. Attendees, who are PhD and early career researchers from throughout the UK, will have […]

SAP sponsored event: Debating Media Accountability

The media have always played an important role in politics, mainly as an external observer of the political process. Today, however, they have gradually acquired the role of an agent, capable of creating political reality. Especially in democracies, journalists and newspaper editors have the power to make and unmake individuals, public officials, and institutions. They […]

Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference 2020

The Society’s Annual Conference 2020 will take place in Edinburgh, 1–3 July. The call for papers and panels will open September 2019 and close Monday 13 January 2020.   (Invited participants can confirm or decline invitation here.) Papers will be given on a wide range of topics across the field of applied philosophy. The keynote speakers will […]

SAP sponsored event: The Ethics and Politics of Online Interaction

Christ Church, University of Oxford, May 14–15, 2019 Organisers: Étienne Brown and Michael Hannon While the history of moral and political thought has largely focused on problems that arise when two or more individuals interact in a physical setting, we now spend important parts our lives online, and our digital existence raise questions to which contemporary […]

SAP sponsored event: Children’s Consent: Philosophy and Law in Conversation

 All information for this workshop, including the programme, can be found at https://​www​.law​.ox​.ac​.uk/​r​e​s​e​a​r​c​h​—​a​n​d​—​s​u​b​j​e​c​t​—​g​r​o​u​p​s​/​c​h​i​l​d​r​e​n​s​—​c​o​n​s​e​n​t​—​p​h​i​l​o​s​o​p​h​y​—​a​n​d​—​l​a​w​—​c​o​n​v​e​r​s​a​t​ion This workshop brings together academics in law and in philosophy to explore children’s consent to medical treatment in addition to a range of closely related issues, including children’s values, wellbeing, responsibility, and decision-making capacity. This workshop will be an opportunity to achieve a broader […]