Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference 2019

The Society’s 2019 conference will take place in Cardiff, 28–30 June. The call for papers and panels is now closed (Monday 14 January 2019). (Invited participants can confirm or decline invitation here.) Papers will be given on a wide range of topics across the field of applied philosophy. The keynote speakers will be Rainer Forst (GU Frankfurt), […]

Consent in Morality and Law Conference

Consent in Morality and Law Conference Speakers Keynote: Kimberly Ferzan, University of Virgnia Keynote: Victor Tadros, University of Warwick Kate Greasley, University College London Hugh Lazenby, University of Glasgow Hallie Liberto, University of Maryland Massimo Renzo, Kings College London Respondents David Archard, Queen’s University Belfast Karam Chadha, University of Cambridge Mark D’Souza, University College London […]

Political Epistemology

This conference will bring together scholars working at the intersection of political philosophy and epistemology. The term “political epistemology” is fairly new, but we think it captures an important intersection between political philosophy and epistemology that has become especially important in the current political climate, where broad challenges to the notion of truth threaten the […]

SWIP UK 2018: The Philosophy of Pregnancy, Birth, and Early Motherhood Conference

In association with SWIP, BUMP & PHILBIRTH Although philosophers have explored some issues related to pregnancy, birth and early motherhood – most obviously abortion and the value and metaphysics of coming into existence – relatively little philosophical attention has been paid to pregnancy, birth and (early) motherhood themselves. These are remarkable omissions because pregnancy, birth and […]

The Value of Sentience: Empathy, Vulnerability, and Recognition. A Conference in Animal Ethics

The conference aims to contribute to the debate surrounding sentience in animal ethics by investigating, in a novel way, the connections between sentience and key moral attitudes such as feelings of empathy towards and the recognition of the vulnerability of sentient beings. The Value of Sentience: Empathy, Vulnerability, and Recognition A Conference in Animal Ethics The conference […]

The 4th Annual Conference of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics

The Centre for the Study of Global Ethics (CSGE) at Birmingham is delighted to announce its next annual conference, on the theme of a post‐liberal world. Theme: A Post‐liberal World? Keynote Speakers: Alison Jaggar (Birmingham & Boulder) Jason Stanley (Yale) Ryoa Chung (Montréal) Public lecture by Jonathan Wolff (Oxford) on Social Inequality and Structural Injustice This conference is generously supported by the Society for Applied […]

Legal Punishment and Collective Agency

This workshop is intended to be a starting point for a more systematic debate of the issue of collective legal responsibility. Legal Punishment and Collective Agency Department of Philosophy, The University of Melbourne Parkville VIC 3010 Melbourne Australia Sponsor(s): Society for Applied Philosophy Main speakers: Stephanie Collins University of Manchester Sean Bowden Deakin University Toni Erskine University […]

Societal Implications: Applying Academic Philosophy Outside of the Academy

Boston University Graduate Conference in Philosophy Boston University Graduate Conference in Philosophy March 16, 2018 — March 18, 2018 Department of Philosophy, Boston University Boston University Boston United States This will be an accessible event, including organized related activities View the Call For Papers Sponsor(s): Society for Applied Philosophy Keynote speakers: Kieran Setiya Massachusetts Institute […]

The Future of Republicanism: Liberal, Critical, Radical?

Our aim in this conference is to clarify the divisions within republican political philosophy and ask which forms of republicanism, if any, are best placed to provide solutions to contemporary political and philosophical problems. The revival of civic republican political philosophy has seen the emergence of distinct and often antagonistic tendencies within republican thought. As […]