SAP sponsored event: Children’s Consent: Philosophy and Law in Conversation

 All information for this workshop, including the programme, can be found at https://​www​.law​.ox​.ac​.uk/​r​e​s​e​a​r​c​h​—​a​n​d​—​s​u​b​j​e​c​t​—​g​r​o​u​p​s​/​c​h​i​l​d​r​e​n​s​—​c​o​n​s​e​n​t​—​p​h​i​l​o​s​o​p​h​y​—​a​n​d​—​l​a​w​—​c​o​n​v​e​r​s​a​t​ion This workshop brings together academics in law and in philosophy to explore children’s consent to medical treatment in addition to a range of closely related issues, including children’s values, wellbeing, responsibility, and decision-making capacity. This workshop will be an opportunity to achieve a broader […]

SAP sponsored event: Summer University course on “The Morality of Discrimination”

Recent philosophical discussions about discrimination have focused on what makes discrimination wrongful in paradigmatic cases, such as in examples involving sexist hiring committees or racist university admissions procedures. The purpose of this course is to provide a forum within which to build upon these foundations by exploring the further complications that arise in more controversial cases […]

SAP sponsored event: Pregnancy, Maternity, and the Self

Pregnancy as a site of research in the arts and social sciences is newly flourishing. However, the interplay of maternity and pregnancy with conceptions of the mind and the self have rarely been the focus of interdisciplinary research. This conference aims to bring together philosophers studying pregnancy and the self with cultural and medical historians, sociologists, […]

SAP sponsored event: Social Risk. Contours of a New Paradigm?

The last decades have seen an increasing interest of philosophers and social theorists in the analysis of risk. Wide-ranging research has significantly advanced our understanding of the empirical, normative, and conceptual dimensions of risk. The growing interest in risk has been closely linked to a societal awareness of the possibly harmful or even disastrous effects that […]

SAP sponsored event: Pathologies of democratic deliberation: A symposium on Anna Elisabetta Galeotti’s Political Self-Deception

So far, political philosophers have largely neglected the phenomenon of self-deception by democratic decision-makers, i.e., their unintended ‘distortion of reality against the available evidence and according to one’s wishes’ (Galeotti, 2018, p. 1). However, self-deception creates a unique set of problems concerning the misuse of the best available evidence in democratic decision-making. Furthermore, it raises new […]

SAP sponsored event: Habit and Social Experience

The goal of this two-day workshop is to explore the roots of the notion of habit in the phenomenological tradition by looking at its structure and development in relation to intersubjectivity. Among other questions, the conference aims to address the following topics: the relevance of habit for understanding empathy, intersubjectivity, and social dispositions, the relation […]