SAP sponsored event: Social Risk. Contours of a New Paradigm?

The last decades have seen an increasing interest of philosophers and social theorists in the analysis of risk. Wide‐ranging research has significantly advanced our understanding of the empirical, normative, and conceptual dimensions of risk. The growing interest in risk has been closely linked to a societal awareness of the possibly harmful or even disastrous effects that […]

SAP sponsored event: Pathologies of democratic deliberation: A symposium on Anna Elisabetta Galeotti’s Political Self‐Deception

So far, political philosophers have largely neglected the phenomenon of self‐deception by democratic decision‐makers, i.e., their unintended ‘distortion of reality against the available evidence and according to one’s wishes’ (Galeotti, 2018, p. 1). However, self‐deception creates a unique set of problems concerning the misuse of the best available evidence in democratic decision‐making. Furthermore, it raises new […]

SAP sponsored event: Habit and Social Experience

The goal of this two‐day workshop is to explore the roots of the notion of habit in the phenomenological tradition by looking at its structure and development in relation to intersubjectivity. Among other questions, the conference aims to address the following topics: the relevance of habit for understanding empathy, intersubjectivity, and social dispositions, the relation […]

SAP sponsored event: Social Human Rights Conference [CFP closes 1 Mar 2019]

This conference aims to bring together leading philosophers of human rights and rising stars to present frontier work on themes related to social rights, including the conceptual terrain, the place of social rights within the standard dichotomy between so‐called ‘liberty rights’ and ‘welfare rights’, the defensibility of social rights as human rights, their relevance to […]

Cryo Preservation, Ethical and Legal Questions

Cryonic preservation” (or “cryopreservation”) names a technique whereby a person currently suffering from a terminal illness has their body frozen for an indefinitely long period of time, in the hope that, once medical technology has advanced sufficiently, it will be possible for them to be revived and cured. In November 2016, the British courts heard a case brought in […]