Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference 2020

Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference 2020


John McIntyre Conference Centre, University of Edinburgh
July 3, 2020 1:00 pm — July 5, 2020 2:10 pm
John McIntyre Conference Centre, The University of Edinburgh, Pollock Halls, 18 Holyrood Park Rd, Edinburgh, EH16 5AY

**EVENT UPDATE: As you will be aware, attempts to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak have led to a range of travel restrictions and disruption. The Society for Applied Philosophy annual conference is due to take place in Edinburgh 3–5 July 2020. Obviously, we can’t know yet what restrictions and limitations there will be at that time, both internationally and within the UK. Given the uncertainty we would like to suggest that those planning to attend the conference hold off on booking travel. We very much hope that the situation will allow us to hold the conference, but given its international nature, it may be in everyone’s interests to cancel. We will make a definite decision by 30 March 2020 which will be announced here (and by email).**

The Society’s Annual Conference 2020 will take place in Edinburgh, 3–5 July. The call for papers and panels will open September 2019 and close Monday 13 January 2020.   (Participants who have had papers selected through CFP process can confirm or decline attendance here.)

Open themed event
The SAP Annual Conference 2020 will be an open themed applied philosophy conference. Papers will be given across a wide range of topics in applied philosophy.

Keynote papers will be given by distinguished guest speakers:

Jennifer Saul (Sheffield), Steven Wall (Arizona), Elizabeth Brake (Rice) and Charles Mills (New York).

In addition, fifty individual papers will be presented at concurrent sessions during the course of the event.  One two-hour panel session will also run hosting up to five panels (3–4 papers at each). 

CALL FOR PAPERS: closed on Monday 13 January 2020.

  • The submission deadline for proposals was Monday 13 January 2020.
  • Papers submitted for consideration must not have been published, or accepted for publication in final form, at the time of submission.
  • Only one proposal per named individual is permitted (including co-authored papers and panel submissions)
  • Each concurrent session for individual (or co-authored) papers will last 40 mins (25–30 min for speakers presentation, 10–15 min for Q&A)
  • Up to five panels will run concurrently in one two hour time slot / Panel Session.
  • Panel proposals should not exceed 4 papers to allow sufficient time in the panel for speakers presentations and Q&A.

Please submit a 1500 word abstract AND300 word synopsis.

Please submit a 1500 word outline of the session ALONG WITH300 word abstract for each of the papers in the panel.

Those proposing papers will be notified Feb 2020 regarding whether the proposal will be included in the programme.

Postgrad Essay Prize | Keynotes | Programme | Registration | Travel and Venue


A prize of £500 will be awarded to the best postgraduate essay submission.

Chair persons

Chair persons will be required for some of the sessions at the conference.  Chair persons are responsible for introducing speakers during one (or more) of the concurrent sessions, ensuring the session begins and ends on time, and for chairing Q&A after the speaker’s presentation.  Chair persons must hold or have held an academic position in philosophy or have completed or be a completing a PhD in philosophy.

If you are interested in being included in the programme as a chair person for one (or more) of the sessions please contact admin@​appliedphil.​org (please state academic position, etc. and institutional affiliation).


Jennifer Saul
(University of Sheffield)

Steven Wall
(University of Arizona)

Elizabeth Brake
(Rice University, Houston)

Charles Mills
(City University of New York)


  • SAP Annual Conference 2020 programme (forthcoming Mar/Apr 2020)
  • SAP Annual Conference 2020 abstracts (forthcoming May 2020)

Registration will open Mar/Apr 2020*

Conference rates for 2020 tbc (rates below are for indication only):

  • Rate 1 — Full Weekend with accommodation (B&B Fri & Sat, registration, lunch, tea/coffee, dinner): £285 non members, £265 members.
  • Rate 1(S) Student Full Weekend with accommodation (B&B Fri & Sat, registration, lunch, tea/coffee, dinner): £185 non members, £165 members. N.B. Rate 1(S) is only available to students who are not presenting a paper at the event.  There is a fee waiver for students who are presenting at the event (registration is still required — Step 1 only)
  • Rate 2 — Day Delegate Full Weekend (registration, lunches fri-sun, tea/coffee fri-sun, fri and sat dinner): £190 non members, £170 members.
  • Rate 2(S) — Student Day Delegate Full Weekend (registration, lunch, tea/coffee, fri/sat dinner): £90 non members, £70 members. N.B. Rate 2(S) is only available to students who are not presenting a paper at the event.  There is a fee waiver for students who are presenting at the event (registration is still required — Step 1 only)
  • Rate 3 — Day Delegate Single Day (registration, lunch, tea/coffee, fri/sat dinner) £85 non members, £75 members.
  • Rate 4 — Faculty Day Rate (registration, tea/coffee only, i.e. lunch, dinner not provided): £35 non members, £25 members (this option is only available to University of Edinburgh faculty staff and students).

Accommodation outlined above will be at Pollock Halls (Halls of Residence, University of Edinburgh).




Further Info

Caring Supplementary Grants

  • To enable parents and carers to attend the Society’s Annual Conference by making a supplementary contribution towards caring costs up to a maximum of £250.


  • This funding option is only available to members of the Society for Applied Philosophy.


  • Candidates should first approach their own institution to see if any arrangements for funding caring costs are in place, before applying for the SAP grant. Where the institutions does not make such provision, the Society is willing to make a supplementary grant as a contribution to the costs.
  • Confirmation of participation and the extra reasonable costs associated with care that will be incurred is required before payment of the grant can be made.
  • Applications are considered by the Society in the March before its annual conference commences. Grants will not be made retrospectively.
  • Each case will be considered on its merits, but other things being equal, priority will be given to early career applicants and to those who have not already received support for caring costs from other sources. Priority will also be given to those whose papers have been accepted for presentation at the conference.

Application: Please submit to (in .docx or .rtf format) an application providing the following:

  • Your name, email address, and membership number.
  • A statement indicating: (a) why the funding is necessary; (b) that all options from the applicant's host instution have been tried/exhausted.
  • A breakdown of specific costs involved and final sum requested from the SAP.

Where funding is successful applicants will be reimbursed on submission of receipt(s) for the relevant costs to the Society’s Treasurer
The deadline for such applications is 20 March 2020

Disability Support
The Society can also contribute to the cost of attendance for persons with disabilities. Enquiries should go to in the first instance.