SAP sponsored event: Thinking together: Interdisciplinary Workshop on Collective Memory and Collective Knowledge

Much of our memories, narratives, and knowledge are social in character: collectively generated and interdependent. To a large extent, the philosophical discourses on these issues – questions of how we ‘think together’ – have been conducted separately.

Thinking together: Interdisciplinary Workshop on Collective Memory & Collective Knowledge attempts to bring these discourses into dialogue and, what is more, tap into related debates occurring in philosophy, cultural history and indigenous studies to deepen our understanding of the fundamentally social aspect of who we are and how we make sense of ourselves and the world around us.

This event will also create a space where people from diverse areas of expertise, levels of career, and academic backgrounds can meet to discuss problems, questions, and issues concerning collective forms of memory and knowledge. Thinking Together aims to be an interdisciplinary effort to share and explore innovative ways to understand these phenomena and to stimulate the reflection on the importance of collective thinking as a relevant and valuable source of knowledge for different humanistic, social, and scientific disciplines.