Event funding

The SAP makes awards of up to £3000 to support any workshop, conference, colloquium or event which meets the conditions below. Up to £6000 can be awarded in exceptional cases.

Applicants must be members of the Society. All members, including graduate students and non-UK based members, are equally welcome to apply. You must provide your membership number when applying for an award.


  • Events must fall within the area of applied philosophy. They must be open to all interested parties and must involve participants from more than one academic institution. We are happy to consider funding for events or activities which involve relevant practitioners, policy makers, and other non-academic parties. The proposed event should not clash with any other existing and advertised SAP event (e.g. SAP Annual Conference / SAP Annual Lecture / etc.).
  • The grant may only be used for reasonable conference expenses. Speakers’ travel and accommodation may be included, but no speaker fees or honoraria are payable. We do not usually cover (institutional) indirect costs/overheads.
  • The Society for Applied Philosophy must be acknowledged publicly as a sponsor of the event, both in advance publicity and at the event itself. The event should be advertised on the Society’s website: if application for funding is successful please provide date, location and weblink as soon as you can, and send these to admin@​appliedphil.​org.
  • Organisers who secure SAP funding for their event should encourage paper givers to submit their papers for consideration to the Journal of Applied Philosophy. Any publications arising from the event should acknowledge the Society for Applied Philosophy in the publication.
  • Where SAP-funds are used to subsidize air travel, successful applicants will be required to include in their report an estimate of the carbon emission using the website MyClimate (https://​www​.myclimate​.org/).
  • In order to reduce the environmental costs of events, the Society will not ordinarily reimburse flight costs for journeys that can be undertaken by rail in four hours or less (although this policy will be waived in cases of e.g. medical exemption). Mileage should be calculated using the host institution’s standard mileage rate; again, train travel is to be preferred, but the Society recognises that public transport is not equally accessible to everyone.
  • The Society is happy to receive proposals for events that combine in-person and online elements.
  • Funds will be transferred only after the event has taken place and the SAP executive committee have received a report on it.  The report should be submitted as soon as possible after the event (ideally within one month).

Apply for event funding

Applications received will be considered at the next available deadline. Ordinarily, these are 1 January, 1 May, and 1 September. The Committee may be willing to consider applications outside these dates and process them rapidly, if there are reasons why the event in question must be organised at short notice. Applicants should contact admin@appliedphil.org in the first instance, where funding out of cycle is proposed.

Where an event is likely to involve the attendance or participation of postgraduate students, we would like to draw attention to the SAP’s funding for postgraduate travel. Some modest postgraduate subsidies (e.g., a reduced conference fee) may be eligible for support as part of the funding application.

Successful applicants can also apply for a separate grant to aid the attendance of delegates with disabilities - reasons for application and full breakdown of costings should be provided. Such funding will normally only be provided up to a maximum of £1,000 and where the applicant can provide evidence that the host institution is unable to meet the costs of such support.