Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference 2014

Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference 2014


St Anne's College, Oxford
June 27, 2014 12:00 am — June 29, 2014 12:00 am
Woodstock Road, Jericho, Oxford, OX2 6HS

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The Society for Applied Philosophy was founded in 1982 with the aim of promoting philosophical study and research that has a direct bearing on areas of practical concern. It arose from an increasing awareness that many topics of public debate are capable of being illuminated by the critical, analytic approach characteristic of philosophy, and by direct consideration of questions of value. These topics come from a number of different areas of social life — law, politics, economics, science, technology, medicine and education are among the most obvious. The purpose of the SAP is to foster and promote philosophical work that is intended to make a constructive contribution to problems in these areas. It does so through events, conferences, and lecture programmes.

Call For Papers
Postgrad Essay Prize | Keynotes | Programme | Registration | Travel and Venue | Event Feedback

Open themed event
The event will be an open themed applied philosophy conference (papers will be given across a wide range of topics in applied philosophy).
Plenary speakers: Henry Richardson (Georgetown), Melinda Roberts (College of New Jersey), Robert E. Goodin (Essex/ANU), Marcia Baron (Indiana University Bloomington), R. Jay Wallace (Berkeley), and Agnieszka Jaworska (UC Riverside)
The call for papers is now closed.  The submission deadline was Monday 13 Jan 2014

A prize will be awarded to the best postgraduate essay submission.
The winning student will receive free registration and accommodation at the conference as well as reimbursement of travel expenses incurred (up to £250).
Chair persons

Chair persons will be required for some of the sessions at the conference.  Chair persons are responsible for introducing speakers during one (or more) of the concurrent sessions, ensuring the session begins and ends on time, and for chairing Q&A after the speaker’s presentation.  Chair persons must hold or have held an academic position in philosophy or have completed or be a completing a PhD in philosophy.
If you are interested in being included in the programme as a chair person for one (or more) of the sessions please contact admin@​appliedphil.​org (please state academic position, etc. and institutional affiliation).

Using fnal ends for the sake of better policymaking
Henry Richardson 
(Georgetown University)

Modal Ethics

Melinda Roberts
(College of New Jersey)

Rough Justice

Robert E. Goodin
(University of Essex / Australian National University)

A Kantian Take on the Supererogatory

Marcia Baron
(Indiana University, Bloomington)

Normative Interests, Normative Relationships, and the Problem of Promissory Obligation

R. Jay Wallace
(University of California, Berkeley)

Impairments of Reason and the Capacity to Love

Agnieszka Jaworska
(UC Riverside)


All attendees must register for the event
Registration is now closed

Outline of registration prices / options

Rate 1 — full weekend (registration, lunch, t&c, dinner, accomm Fri 27, accomm Sat 28) £360 non members, £340 members.
Rate 1.1 student full weekend (registration, lunch, t&c, dinner, accomm Fri 27, accomm Sat 28) £240 non members, £220 members (20 places, this rate option is available to students only)
Rate 2 — day delegate full weekend (registration, lunches fri-sun, t&c fri-sun, fri and sat dinner) £210 non members, £190 members.
Rate 2.1 — student full weekend day delegate (registration, lunch, t&c, fri/sat dinner) — £140 non members, £120 members (20 places, this rate option is available students only)
Rate 3 — day delegate (registration, lunch, t&c, fri/sat dinner) £90 non members, £80 members.
Rate 4 — faculty day rate (registration, t&c) i.e. no lunch or dinner Oxford faculty staff only: £40 non members, £35 members (this option is available to University of Oxford faculty staff and students only)
The Society can also contribute to the cost of attendance for persons with disabilities. Enquiries should go to admin@​appliedphil.​org in the first instance.


  • St Anne’s College Oxford
  • Heathrow is the nearest International aiport serving Oxford. Information (and booking) for the buses running from Heathrow to Oxford can be found here (travel)
  • Google map (travel)


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