Sessions at the APA Eastern Division, January 2016

Sessions at the APA Eastern Division, January 2016


January 6, 2016 5:00 pm — January 10, 2016 10:00 am

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SAP sponsored sessions at the APA Eastern Division, January 2016

Session 1:

Current Ethical and Justice Issues in Higher Education

January 6th, 6.30–9.30pm



Harry Brighouse (University of Wisconsin-Madison)




Lionel K. McPherson (Tufts University)

Righting Historical Injustice in Higher Education”


Jennifer M. Morton (City College of New York–CUNY)

 “Complicity and Compromise in Higher Education”


Harry Brighouse (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Directions for Future Philosophical Research on Higher Education”


Christopher Bertram (University of Bristol)

 “Defending the Humanities in a Liberal Society: Further Thoughts”


Kyla Ebels-Duggan (Northwestern University)

 “Autonomy as Intellectual Virtue”


Paul Weithman (University of Notre Dame)

Academic Friendship”



Gina Schouten (Illinois State University)





Session 2: Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Saturday, January 9th, 9–11am



Jake Earl (Georgetown University)



S. Matthew Liao (New York University)

 “Regulating Biological Parenting: The Problem of Possibly Inadequate Parents”


Amy Mullin (University of Toronto Mississauga)

 “Parents and Dependent Children: What We Owe One Another”


Samantha Brennan (Western University)

 “The Goods of Childhood and Parental Responsibilities”



Colin Macleod (University of Victoria)