David Miller's Political Philosophy

Conference in honour of David Miller
Confirmed speakers: Allen Buchanan, Sarah Fine, Cecile Laborde, Patti Lenard, Avia Pasternak, Alan Patten, Jonathan Quong, Anna Stilz, Jeremy Waldron, Christopher Heath Wellman, and Andrew Williams.
Provisional programme (please note that the scheduling of the speakers is subject to change).
To register please email conference.cssj@gmail.com. As places are in very short supply, please only register if you are reasonably confident of being able to attend the whole event (or please indicate which day of the event you wish to attend).
The conference is free of charge. However, there will be dinner charge for those participants who wish to attend the conference dinner at Nuffield on Saturday the 9th of May.
This conference is supported by Nuffield College; The Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford; The Society for Applied Philosophy; and The Mind Association.