Postgraduate Travel

The Society supports attendance at relevant conferences or events, including research visits, by postgraduate members of the Society working in applied philosophy. There are no deadlines – applications may be made at any time.

COVID-19 pandemic: Given the ongoing uncertainty arising from Covid-19, the Society will currently support only costs that are not penalised by Covid-related cancellations. Budgets should be submitted with this prospect in mind, and applicants should confirm that all cost incurring activity can be cancelled or amended without penalty. The Society will not reimburse expenses where an activity cannot take place because of Covid-19.

Applications for PG travel funding must be accompanied by a supporting statement from your supervisor.

The supporting statement must be provided by your supervisor within two weeks of submission   The SAP will contact your supervisor if accurate contact details are provided in the form below and request the statement via an online submission process.  The supporting statement may also be submitted by your supervisor in advance of application being made or at any time within two weeks of the date of submission, by sending an email to  You should check with your supervisor to ensure the statement is sent in time.

N.B. If the supporting statement has not been received within two weeks then the application will be removed.  Please discuss with your supervisor in advance of making an application to ensure there will be suffient time and availability to meet this condition.

Eligibility and Criteria

We will provide support only where alternative sources have been exhausted or are unavailable. Conditional awards can be granted where a decision by an alternative funder cannot be made early enough to allow reasonable time for a subsequent application to the Society.

Proposals will be assessed on their individual merits and there is no guarantee that the Society will fund the full costs of attendance.

The Society does not typically award funding for past events or in cases where the applicant has received funding under the Society’s postgraduate travel or further funding schemes in the preceding six months, however it may do so in exceptional circumstances.

Postgraduate travel is not available for attendance at the Society’s Annual Conference which has its own student bursaries and reduced rate packages. Funding is only available to members of the Society.

Carbon emissions: Where SAP‐funds are used to subsidize air travel, successful applicants will be required to include in their report an estimate of the carbon emission using the website MyClimate (

Payment of Awards

Following the event, successful applicants should submit a brief (1-2 page) report following the event(s), plus copies of relevant receipts and the relevant bank details. 

SAP Annual Conference

SAP Annual Conference 2024
28 – 30 June, St Anne’s College,
University of Oxford 

Join the Society

Membership of the Society is open to anyone interested in our aims, whether or not you hold a philosophical qualification or are employed as a professional philosopher.

Membership currently costs £26 per annum, or £14 for postgraduates.  This includes online access to the Journal of Applied Philosophy, as well as a reduced fee for the Society’s annual conference.   Members can also apply for event funding through the Society’s grant scheme.

Membership and journal subscription are handled by Wiley, as the publishers of the Journal of Applied Philosophy. The button will take you through to their website.

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