Labour Market Injustice Workshop

This two-day workshop will discuss papers addressing various aspects of (domestic and global) labour market injustice. This two-day workshop will discuss papers addressing various aspects of (domestic and global) labour market injustice. It will consider the theoretical framing of moral concerns surrounding labour markets – whether they involve interactional or structural dimensions. It will also […]

Workshop on Simon Caney’s On Cosmopolitanism

one-day workshop on Simon Caney’s forthcoming book, On Cosmopolitanism This is a one-day workshop on Simon Caney’s forthcoming book, On Cosmopolitanism, which “defends a cosmopolitan theory of economic and environmental justice, and identifies what responsibilities and rights follow from this”. Confirmed speakers include: Simon Caney (Oxford) David Axelsen (Aarhus/LSE) James Christensen (Essex) Elizabeth Kahn (Durham) Tom Parr […]

British Postgraduate Philosophy Association (BPPA) Annual Conference 2016

Aim: To provide a unique opportunity to enable philosophy graduates throughout the UK to present and discuss their research with each other in a supportive and friendly environment. We intend to accommodate a diverse program of talks by graduate students. We will hold a number of graduate presentations over two days of the conference, in addition to our keynote […]

Gender, Public Policy, and Philosophies of Emotion

Society for Women in Philosophy Ireland Workshop Programme 9.30–10.00 Registration and Welcome   10.00–11.30 Gender, Public Policy, Emotion: Philosophical Perspectives I When is Shame Good? Thinking about the Dynamics of Punishment through Shameful Exposure (Luna Dolezal, Durham University/Trinity College Dublin) Teaching “Patriotic Love” in Schools (Eileen Brennan, Dublin City University) The Ethics and Politics of […]

Justice and Risk Workshop

The workshop aims to address these and related questions in the political philosophy of risk, and will be organised around a series of panels on topics including criminal justice, war, ageing, and distributive justice. Nuffield College Oxford, 14–15 July 2016 Risk is both a pervasive feature of political life and a recurring issue in theorising about justice. The sense […]

Reparations and historical injustice

Pre-SAP Annual Conference 2016 workshop On 30th June 2016, Queen’s University Belfast, in conjunction with the SAP, will be hosting a pre-conference workshop on the theme of reparations and historical injustice, details of which can be found here. If you are interested in attending the workshop, and/or the public outreach and awareness-raising “forum” that will take place […]

The Political Dimension of Corruption

17–18 December 2015 Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Pavia Room CASIP “Mario Stoppino” The workshop offers a venue for the discussion of the political dimension of corruption. While corruption is generally recognized as wrong, few studies have been entirely devoted to the analysis of the kind of wrong that this form of corruption […]

Workshop on Hate Speech Law and Political Philosophy

Thursday 12 November 2015 12.0 – 6.0 pm Sponsored by the Society for Applied Philosophy Workshop on Hate Speech Law and Political Philosophy —- —- Speakers: Prof. Eric Barendt, University College London.  Author of Freedom of Speech (Oxford, 2005) ‘Some Bad Arguments for Hate Speech Bans’   Dr Alexander Brown, University of East Anglia.  Author of […]