Event Funding

The SAP usually makes awards of up to £3000 to support any workshop, conference, colloquium or event which meets the specified conditions given below (up to £6000 can be awarded in exceptional cases).  N.B. The SAP does not usually consider or award requests for (institutional) indirect costs/overheads.

  • Applicants must be members of the Society for Applied Philosophy (graduate students and non-UK based members are equally welcome to apply as members). N.B. Applicants must provide their membership number when applying for an award.
  • The subject of any event must fall within the area of applied philosophy as defined on the SAP home page (under about). (Note that the SAP is willing to consider funding for events or activities that are not purely addressed to academics and students, but which involve relevant practitioners, policy makers, and other non-academic parties).
  • The event must involve participants from more than one academic institution.
  • The grant may only be used for reasonable conference expenses. Speakers' travel and accommodation may be included, but no speaker fees or honoraria are payable.
  • The event must be open to all interested parties.
  • The proposed event should not clash with any other existing and advertised SAP event.
  • Organisers who secure SAP funding for their event should encourage paper givers to submit their papers for consideration to the Journal of Applied Philosophy.

Where an event is likely to involve the attendance or participation of postgraduate students, the SAP would like to draw the applicants’ attention to the SAP’s  funding for postgraduate travel.  Note also that certain kinds of modest postgraduate subsidy (e.g., a reduced conference fee) may be eligible for support as part of the funding application.

Successful applicants can also apply for a separate grant for their events to aid the attendance of delegates with disabilities (reasons for application and full breakdown of costings should be provided).  Please enquire/apply to N.B. Such funding will normally only be provided up to a maximum of £1,000 and where the applicant can provide evidence that the host institution is unable to meet the costs of such support.

If you have an idea for an event please supply the following information.

  • NAME
  • SAP MEMBERSHIP NUMBER  (Please check with the membership services specialist if you are in doubt about whether your membership is current, or, if you are uncertain of your membership number.)
  • PROPOSED EVENT SUBJECT, including rationale
  • ESTIMATED BUDGET (please clearly indicate currency if not GBP)

and send by email to:

DEADLINES: The Executive Committee considers applications tri-annually.  Applications received will be considered at the next available deadline.  The deadlines for funding are 1 January, 1 May, and 1 September.

The Committee may be willing to consider applications outside these dates, and process them rapidly, if there are reasons why the event in question needs to be organised at short notice. Applicants should contact in the first instance.

Please view this sample copy of a successful proposal for guidance in formulating applications

Funding will be granted to successful applicants subject to the following terms:

  • The Society for Applied Philosophy must be acknowledged publicly as a sponsor of the event
  • A report must be submitted to no later than one month after the event for the SAP Executive Committee (guidelines for what the report should contain can be found below)
  • The event must be advertised on the Society for Applied Philosophy's website (please provide date, location and weblink to the event's webpages).

In addition:

  • A condition of funding for all events is that any publications arising from the event should acknowledge the Society for Applied Philosophy in the publication.   Organisers who secure SAP funding for their event should encourage paper givers to submit their papers for consideration to the Journal of Applied Philosophy (

The following structure can be used as a guideline for reporting:

Details of:

  • Attendance (numbers of attendees; and any further relevant information about attendees: institutional and geographical 'spread'; numbers of postgraduate, members of general public etc)
  • Budget: confirmation that this was as projected and use of SAP funds
  • The form that the public acknowledgement of SAP took;
  • Any planned publications;
  • Any feedback (from evaluation sheets, etc.)

The report should be returned to within one month of the event taking place.

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Doctoral Scholarships

The Society for Applied Philosophy intends to offer two scholarships for doctoral work in applied philosophy* in a UK university (subject to suitable candidates coming forward). The level of the award will be up to £10,000 per scholarship and will be held for one year**. Applicants must have applied for AHRC funding where eligible (either in the open studentship competition or via a block grant holder***), and the SAP scholarship will only be awarded when the AHRC has informed candidates of its decisions. In addition, applicants must declare all other sources of funding they are receiving and whether they are awaiting a decision from a further source/s to support their doctoral research (fees and maintenance) - the Society tends to give priority to candidates who are not already in receipt of other funds. Applications will be assessed primarily on the basis of academic merit; however, the committee will also take account of whether applicants have already received, or are currently receiving, significant (e.g., AHRC) funding.  The closing date for 2018-19 applications is Monday 16th July 2018 (applications for 2018-19 can be submitted from 1 May 2018) . Applicants are responsible for ensuring that complete applications, including references, arrive by the deadline.

*applications can be made by students studying in any department within a UK university undertaking doctoral research in applied philosophy.

**successful applicants may apply for a second year of funding.  Applications will be considered alongside all other applications made in that year.

***applicants may be ineligible for AHRC funding in some year because a block grant is available only in other years and the existence of the block grant prevents them for applying in open competition.

Applicants must send:,

  • a curriculum vitae (no more than 2 sides of A4),
  • an outline of the proposed research (no more than 500 words),
  • evidence of an application to the AHRC or a statement explaining lack of eligibility,
  • a statement testifying that they have no other source of funding,
  • and evidence that they have been accepted onto an appropriate Ph.D. programme

Together these items constitute one application, please send (in total) four copies of your application (each application should be independently stapled in the above order) to the postal address below.

S.A.P. Doctoral Scholarship
C/o Jon Cameron
Taylor Building
University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, AB24 3UB

In addition:

To be considered, applicants must also ask two academic referees to write directly to the above address providing references in support of their application (in total, four copies of each reference are required). A scanned copy of a signed reference letter will be accepted by email only where it is not possible for the referee to send via standard mail (e.g. if the referee is travelling and unable to access usual postal facilities) - in such an event, please contact the Society's administrator to discuss the arrangement.

The following further notes should also be considered:

1. In cases where applicants have funding from other sources the SAP grant may be reduced to ensure that the applicant’s overall funding does not exceed the level of a full AHRC grant.

2. Applicants who are not eligible for AHRC funding are expected to have applied for any other sources of funding for which they are eligible. They should list the sources of funding that they have applied for in their application.

3. Incomplete applications, including those with missing references, will not be considered.

Applications will be assessed primarily on the basis of academic merit; however, the committee will also take account of whether applicants have already received, or are currently receiving, significant funding.

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Postgraduate Travel

The Society will consider supporting attendance at relevant conferences or events by postgraduate members of the Society for Applied Philosophy, working in applied philosophy. The society will provide support only where alternative sources have been exhausted or are unavailable. Conditional awards can be granted where a decision by an alternative funder cannot be made early enough to allow reasonable time for a subsequent application to the Society.  Proposals will be assessed on their individual merits and there is no guarantee that the Society will fund the full costs of attendance. Postgraduate travel is not available for attendance at the Society's Annual Conference which has its own unique student bursaries and reduced rate packages.

Please submit an application to providing the following:

  • Your name, email address, and membership number.
  • A statement of the nature of the travel or conference and how it will benefit your research.
  • A breakdown of proposed expenditure, including the sum requested from the SAP (please clearly state currency if not GBP).
  • Information about other sources of funding either received or for which you are eligible.
  • A supporting statement from your supervisor (sent to us separately by your supervisor).

Where funding is successful applicants will be required to submit:

  • Copies of relevant receipts for travel, conference fees, etc.
  • A brief post-travel report.

There is no deadline for such applications which may be made at any time in the year.

This funding option is only available to members of the Society for Applied Philosophy.

Further Funding

The Society is also in a position to offer financial support for individual projects by academic staff, researchers, and postgraduates working in applied philosophy (N.B. funding support for completion of a degree cannot be considered under further funding for individual projects - postgraduate students seeking funding for such purposes should apply through the Society's Doctoral Scholarship award).  Such support might, for instance, assist in some limited teaching relief, travel, or other relevant activity. It may thus facilitate the completion of work that would otherwise remain unsupported.

The amounts available are not significant - SAP does not envisage making individual grants of more than £1,200 - and individuals are welcome to contact an Officer of the Society for further advice and information.  Normally only one application per person per year will be considered. The Society will take into account any previous successful applications when making a decision to fund.

Applications can be made at any time of the year and should state the nature of the support requested and why it is necessary for the pursuit of the work.

This funding option is only available to members of the Society for Applied Philosophy.

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