SAP Sponsored Event: Understanding Value VII

  • Start Date: Jul 18, 2018
  • End Date: Jul 20, 2018
  • Location: University of Sheffield
  • Venue Address: he Diamond, 32 Leavygreave Rd, Sheffield, S3 7RD, and The Humanities Research Institute, 34 Gell Street, Sheffield, S3 7QY
  • Contact Email:
  • URL:
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Traditionally, discussions of value have ranged over whether moral and aesthetic evaluative statements are objective or subjective, whether or not facts external to our psychology can be reasons, and how reasons can motivate us at all. But, at Understanding Value, we are interested in papers addressing much broader questions relating to value as well as the more traditional ones. For example, topics may include, but are by no means limited to, discussions of:

  • The putative fact-value gap;
  • The ethics of art;
  • Feminism, postcolonial studies and critical philosophy of race;
  • Disability Studies;
  • Philosophical questions about interpersonal relationships like friendship;
  • Philosophical problems concerning value theory in political economy;
  • Moral, aesthetic, and political disagreement;
  • Social norms and obligations;
  • The epistemology of logic;
  • Reasons, rationality, and action;
  • Epistemic normativity;
  • Oppression, marginalisation and society;
  • Nihilism;
  • Testimony and trust;
  • Philosophy of sex and sexualities;
  • Climate Change;
  • Celebrity and Popular Culture.

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