SAP Annual Lecture 2022: 3 Dogmas of Normativity, Ruth Chang (Oxford)

Annual Lecture 2022: 3 Dogmas of Normativity, Professor Ruth Chang (University of Oxford). The lecture will take place at 5–6.30pm (BST / GMT +1) on Friday 20 May.  The Lecture will take place in the Council Room, King’s College, London N.B. attendees are required to register in advance.  Attendees please arrive before 5pm, at which time the […]

SAP Annual Lecture 2019 — Audio recordings available

Society for Applied Philosophy  Annual Lecture 2019 The Limits of an Ethics that Can Be Applied — A Response To A Question That Confronted the Author When She Woke Up On November 9, 2016 Professor Sarah Buss (Michigan)   King’s College London October 11, 2019 5:00 pm — 6:30 pm Moot Court, Somerset House East Wing Audio:   Pre-lecture Interview:  Roger […]